We are having hands on experience over a decade in the STRUCTURAL fabrication.

Shri Vinayaga Engineering a Specialized Industrial Trolley and Pallet Manufacturers and Suppliers in Chennai we are High potential Trolley Manufacturers in Chennai,best Industrial Trolley Manufacturers in Chennai,experienced Platform Trolley Manufacturers in Chennai, also a fast delivering Raw material pallet manufacturers in the market,material handling equipments manufacturers in chennai

Who are we?

We are a major manufacturer and supplier of Material Handling Equipments like trolleys and pallets the major Automobile Industries world-wide. We supply them a variety of pallets and trolleys according to their specific requirements. We are ready to accomplish your needs towards all your material handling requirements.

Why you Choose us?

Our industrial trolleys are designed and manufactured by expert designers and experienced professionals. We use advanced technologies for design as well as we are the accomplished Industrial Trolley and pallet manufacturers,  suppliers in Chennai for a span of 10+ years. We use only premium-quality raw materials.

Our Customers

Our trolleys find their significant and unique uses in all types of automobile industries like Car Manufacturers, Motorcycle Manufacturers, Truck and Heavy Vehicles Manufacturers, Tyre Manufactures, and ancillary automobile industries among others.


We want to provide our quality products to our customer using advance technologies with state of art infrastructure through our continual improvements in all aspects to reach our business into the global market using international standards.


We at SHRI VINAYAGA ENGINEERING WORKS is having huge infrastructure and strong technical background always strive to meet out our customers highest level of requirement (by using the comprehensive market trends).

Our Clients

We are the leading Manufacturers and suppliers of unique material handling equipment Products like

  • Cage pallet
  • Steel pallet
  • CKD pallet & Rack
  • CBU pallet & Rack
  • SKD pallet & Rack
  • Stillage
  • Leaf truck
  • Cassette trolley
  • Stainless Steel Trolleys
  • Bin box
  • FG storage pallet
  • RMS pallet
  • Door skin panel pallet
  • Fender skin panel pallet
  • Rear floor pallet
  • Body side outer pallet
  • Trunk lid pallet
  • Hood pallet
  • GT Trolley
  • Platform Trolley
  • IP trolley
  • DP trolley
  • Luggside trolley
  • Glove box trolley
  • Cluster facia trolley
  • Bumper trolley front / rear
  • Industrial Trolley
  • Steel Stillages
  • Wire Mesh Pallet
  • Luggside pallet and other Skin panel pallet
  • Upper arm trolley
  • Lower arm trolley
  • Fender trolley
  • Gear box pallet
  • Engine pallet
  • Axles pallet
  • Metal Skid
  • Export steel pallet
  • shroud lower / Upper trolley

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